Bandai 新品 2022星球大戰慶典 R2-D2 拓麻歌子 白金版

2022星球大戰慶典 R2-D2 拓麻歌子 白金版

Bandai 新品 2022星球大戰慶典 R2-D2 拓麻歌子 白金版

R2-D2™ Tamagotchi Platinum Version – Celebration Exclusive

  • Train R2-D2 to master various skills in a unique, collectible platinum shell. Take care of R2-D2 by Keeping R2-D2 clean and charged as you take care of him while playing two mini-games (Firefighting and Dejarik 「holochess」). There are total of 19 skills for R2-D2 to learn, which will unlock 7 mini-games.

  • Available for purchase exclusively at the Star Wars Celebration. MSRP $35